elderly gray and white dog sitting in kitchen

Rescue Dog Gladice Finds Comfort While Fighting A Deadly Disease

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elderly gray and white dog sitting in kitchen

Today we hear from Elisa Mellis of Drexel, Pennsylvania. Her dog Gladice had a tough life of abandonment before she was adopted by Elisa. Read on to hear about how Gladice found comfort and success with Lolahemp while fighting a deadly illness. Read more below:

Can you tell us a little bit about Gladice's back story?
We adopted Gladice in 2010 from the shelter I was volunteering at. We first fostered her but after she was adopted twice and brought back because of her behavior, we decided to keep her. Gladice was brought in to the shelter by animal control as a stray. She was severely underweight, looked like she had given birth, and had several scars on her. She didn’t take well to the shelter and that is why she went into our foster care.

Describe Gladice in 3 words.
Beacon of hope.

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What kinds of symptoms / conditions did Gladice have before you found Lolahemp?
Gladice was diagnosed with bladder cancer in February of 2019.

Did you try any traditional treatments at first? 
We started oral chemotherapy, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Has your dog experienced any worrying side effects from these prescription medications?
The pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs were affecting her kidneys.

Why did you look into CBD and how has Lolahemp helped Gladice?
In March of 2020, the vet told me that chemo wasn’t working and her kidney values were high. The vet stopped the chemo and scaled the pain killers and anti-inflammatory back. I did research on the internet and found many articles about CBD oil and bladder cancer. There were some research studies (mostly in humans), and a ton of anecdotal findings, that showed CBD could possibly help with comfort level, pressure and pain. There were even some studies which showed there are potential neoplastic properties of CBD which could slow the growth of a tumor.

I then researched various brands of CBD oils specially for dogs and came across an article written by holistic vet who mentioned Lolahemp. I called and spoke to the owner who explained everything to me. He made me feel very comfortable with my decision. In the first few days of usage Gladice’s appetite appeared better and she seemed to have more energy. After a week she was moving around better, in less discomfort and seemed generally so much happier. She got her groove back!

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How long did it take to see improvement after starting Lolahemp?
About 1 week.

How much Lolahemp do you use?  
1mL twice a day.

Have there been any unexpected benefits since your dog has been taking Lolahemp?
Well, I was told in early March of 2021 that Gladice only had 2-3 months to live but it is now the end of August 2021 and she is still going strong.

Is there anything you are able to enjoy with your dog now that you couldn’t before Lolahemp?
Just loving her more and more. Cuddling and playing with her and other two pack mates is more enjoyable when I know she's feeling better.

How has Gladice helped you over the years?
Gladice has shown us that no matter what life has dealt you, you can over come it. No matter what she is so loving, loyal, playful, resilient, and patient. 

Would you recommend Lolahemp to a friend?

elderly gray and white dog sitting in kitchen

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