LolaHemp: Top Rated CBD oil for Your Dogs Health
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LolaHemp CBD Oil for Dogs: Natural Relief for Your Pet

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LolaHemp is an organic CBD oil
made with our dogs in mind.

The healing properties of cannabidiol are supported by numerous scientific studies. Click below to learn about current research on CBD oil and:

Why Choose LolaHemp for Your Dog?

LolaHemp CBD oil for pets:

Made from 100% Organic hemp

Veterinarian approved dosing guidelines

Full Spectrum Extraction which preserves the vital cannabinoids found in hemp

Fewer dangerous side effects than many prescription medications

Safe for dogs of all ages

No prescription required

Laboratory testing to verify quality and concentration

One bottle donated to a rescue pet for every 4 bottles sold

What Customers Have to Say About our CBD Oil for Pets

  • Anthony & Picco

    "Picco could not travel without getting really anxious and it was difficult for both of us. Lolahemp has worked wonders calming Picco during trips in our car and has saved me a lot of money on dog sitters."

    Anthony & Picco
  • Eric & Sophie

    "Sophie was a rescue with a difficult past so she can be very aggressive with other dogs. Since taking Lolahemp she's been noticeably less aggressive with other dogs. It seems to have a calming effect on her."

    Eric & Sophie
  • Evan & Roxy

    "Roxy is an 11-year-old Bulldog with joint pain and inflammation. We started adding Lolahemp to her meals twice per day and she’s been showing increased energy and mobility. She’s able to get up and down the stairs again which is great to see!"

    Evan & Roxy
  • Dan, Andi, Finn & Jase

    "Within 48 hours (4 doses) of Lolahemp our 11-year-old dog Finn showed significant improvement from pain and inflammation in her back and legs. Finn is more active and able to come with us on hikes again. Thank you Lolahemp!"

    Dan, Andi, Finn & Jase



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