Sweet Boy Lucca Gets a Lift from Lolahemp

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Golden Retriever Lucca sitting with blue bandana around his neck

Today we hear from Kimberly Roberts of Janesville, WI about her sweet boy Lucca. He's 11 years old and suffers from joint discomfort, bone spurs and issues with his paw pads. Read below to see what Kimberly had to share about Lucca’s experience with Lolahemp:

Can you tell us a little bit about Lucca's back story? 
I rescued Lucca 11 years ago when he was only 1 and a half years old. Through absolutely no fault of his own, I was this sweet boy’s third home in only a year and half. He is absolutely the most loving and devoted boy ever. He wants nothing more in life than to be loved and to give as much love as possible. He is so calm and mellow and goes with the flow no matter the situation. He is a snuggler and cuddler who always wants to be with his family and a foodie who is obsessed with his healthy treats. 

Golden Retriever Lucca wearing a blue bandana laying down next to his owner

How was Lucca doing before you found Lolahemp?
Poor Lucca has arthritis and bone spurs in both elbows. This limits his comfort and activity. On bad days, he gets stiff, moves a lot slower, and sometimes even limps. Lucca also has very thin, soft paw pads. He has periodically developed spots where the pad wears so thin that he develops the equivalent of a blister on a human foot.

Did you try any traditional treatments at first?
Lucca has been on two different prescription medications for pain and inflammation due to his arthritis for 2-3 years. 

Has your dog experienced any worrying side effects from prescription medications?
I always worry about his prescription medications damaging his liver function.

What are some of the specific improvements you noticed after using Lolahemp?
Lucca seems much more comfortable overall. He is not as restless. He doesn’t seem as stiff, and he seems to have a much easier time getting up and down. It’s also easier for him to get in and out of vehicles. He is able to walk further and at a quicker pace. He will sometimes even get the senior version of the zoomies or grab a toy and want to tug. 

How long did it take to see improvement after starting Lolahemp?
I started noticing improvements almost immediately. The longer he has been taking Lolahemp, the better he seems to feel.  

Golden Retriever Lucca laying on a blanket

How much Lolahemp do you use?
Lucca takes 1 mL of regular strength oil twice a day and 1 mL of Lolahemp extra-strength oil when he's having a bad day or an elbow gives out or locks up due his bone spurs and causes him to limp. When he needs a little boost between doses, Lucca gets 2-3 CBD soft chews. I also use the full spectrum hemp balm on the pads of Lucca’s paws as needed. 

Have there been any unexpected benefits since Lucca has been taking Lolahemp?
His coat seems softer and shinier. Plus, he has more energy overall. 

Is there anything you are able to enjoy with Lucca now that you couldn’t before Lolahemp?
His daily walks can be a little longer. He will sometimes want to tug and play with toys again. He is also able to go for rides in the car more frequently.

What made you choose Lolahemp?
I love that a portion of the sales goes to support shelters and rescues and that CBD products are also donated to shelters and rescues. I also love the quality of all the products and appreciate all the testing that backs them

Golden Retriever Lucca laying down in front of his birthday cake

Would you recommend Lolahemp to a friend?

Anything else you think our audience would benefit from knowing?
Lucca has benefited tremendously from Lolahemp CBD oil tinctures, CBD soft chews, and full spectrum hemp balm. We are both incredibly grateful to Lolahemp for improving Lucca’s overall health and well-being and improving his quality of life during his senior years.

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