Lolahemp Editorial Advisory Board

Our mission is to provide pets with extremely high-quality natural products that improve their lives in measurable ways. We do this by sourcing ingredients from reputable growers and sellers, investing in a trustworthy manufacturing process, third-party lab testing all products, and providing the best customer service possible to pet parents who want their animals to thrive. 

How and Why Did Lolahemp Start?

Lolahemp started when Joey DiFrancesco’s dog Lola needed a solution for her anxiety. After giving Lola a vet-formulated hemp oil for dogs, he noticed a massive improvement. Still, he wasn’t satisfied with the transparency or quality of the pet hemp companies he found online.

So, he started Lolahemp - a company that produces the highest quality hemp products for pets with third-party lab tests, family farm-grown hemp, and a serious interest in giving customers the best experience possible.

When it comes to pets, there’s no room to cut corners, and it’s important that pet parents completely understand and trust the products they’re giving their animals.

What is Our Editorial Advisory Board?

Our content is a huge part of informing and directing customers toward the right decisions for their pets. The Lolahemp Editorial Advisory Board is a big part of that. This board helps to write, inform, edit, and curate our content. This ensures that it is factual, enjoyable, and useful to pet owners who only want the best for their furry friends.

We’re proud to display the members of our advisory board on this page.

Advisory Board Members


Nicole Wanner, D.V.M.

nicole wanner details

Lianne McLeod, D.V.M.

lianne mcleod details


Crystal Litzenberger C.V.T.

crystal litzenberger, vet tech, Lolahemp

Marissa Soares

Marissa Soares, Veterinary Technician, Lolahemp

Jay O’Keefe

Jay O'keefe, cannabis specialist, Lolahemp

Joseph DiFrancesco

Joey DiFrancesco, Founder, Lolahemp

Why You Can Trust Us

Our team is made up of animal experts, professionals in various fields, and passionate pet experts. Further, nearly every individual we work with has a pet who uses our products.

There is a lot of misinformation about pets online. Many articles make extravagant claims about how ingredients can cure ailments, and others are written without care for the actual animal who might be the recipient of the tips or advice found in a given article.

Rather than following the pack, we choose to take time and invest effort into our articles - most of which are written by licensed veterinarians.

We’re a very small team, and at any given time, almost all of us have a small animal sitting by our side. We care about what we do, and we’d never want to steer pet owners in the wrong direction.

Full Disclosure

We employ our writers and editors to do a great job, and most of our content relates, in some way, to one or more of the products we sell. Our articles are not “sales pitches,” but rather detailed explorations of pet behavior, nutritional ingredients, or insights into responsible pet ownership.

If someone were interested in one of our products, most of our articles would inform them of an aspect of their decision to make a purchase.

It’s also in our interest to help people find our helpful information organically. As a result, we use search engine optimization insights to inform our subject matter in many instances. This enhances the quality of content that we provide because it lets us know what pet owners are looking for online. That way, someone looking to address a question on Google will be met with well-researched information.

Our Ethical Guideline

Our content is written with one very important ethical guideline - we don’t make claims that aren’t supported by evidence. Our veterinarian writers investigate the research and explore other resources to ensure that our content isn’t making false claims.

We frequently come across trends, keywords, and ideas on other sites that are patently untrue. Strong claims like “this product cures arthritis,” for example, are harmful because they aren’t accurate. Some products may help some dogs with joint struggles, but there is no cure for canine arthritis, and we are always sure to make that distinction, and distinctions like it.

Learn more by reading our Editorial Policy Page.