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Product Dosing Guidelines

For questions email or call us anytime at 800-827-9881. 

Regular Strength Oils - 150mg, 300mg & 600mg 

Our 150mg, 300mg and 600mg tinctures all contain the same potency oil, they are just different size bottles. In other words, the 600mg would last an owner longer than the 300mg or 150mg tinctures but the dosing remains the same. So a Great Dane AND a Chihuahua can both use the 150mg, 300mg or 600mg oils, but the 150mg wouldn't last the Great Dane very long (just a week) and the 600mg may last the Chihuahua many months. Our oils need at least 2 weeks of usage before seeing full benefits. 



**Below infographic is dosing guidelines for our Regular Strength Oils**




Extra Strength Oil - 1800mg


Our 1800mg oil is only recommended for very large breeds or pets that have tried our regular strength oil but are looking for a higher therapeutic dosage. It is not recommended to try our 1800mg oil prior to one of our regular strength oils if your dog is under 75 pounds.

**Below infographic is dosing guidelines for our Extra Strength Oil** 




Hemp Chews - 5 count, 30 count & 60 count

Our hemp chews contain 3mg of CBD each and are made using our hemp extract, which is the same extract used in our oils. They are an ideal alternative to our oil if you are having issues administering the oil. 


Below recommendations are twice daily: 


* ½ chew for < 20 lbs

* 1 chew for 20-50 lbs

* 2 chews for 50-75 lbs

* 3-4 chews for 75+ lbs



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