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Meet the Team

  • Joey & Susan

    Joey & Susan


    Son & Mother, Joey and Susan are the founders of LolaHemp. In 2015 they launched Lolawawa's Pet Boutique, an e-commerce store for pets and pet lovers that donates a portion of profits to animal rescue efforts. In 2018 they launched LolaHemp in response to customer's growing demands for a supplement to help with pet ailments like arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety and phobias. Joey & Susan oversee day-to-day operations, marketing the company's philanthropic efforts.

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  • Lola


    The Face

    Lola is a 5-year-old rescue, model, diva and philanthropist. Her intense fear of thunder was part of the inspiration for developing LolaHemp. She is an active user of the product and is a strong advocate of the benefits of CBD hemp oil for pets. Lola enjoys tanning, leading our philanthropic efforts and bossing around the team.

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  • Jay O'Keefe

    Jay O'Keefe


    For five years, Jay worked at a medical cannabis dispensary in North San Diego. The shop cultivated their own high CBD plants (ACDC) and created CBD tinctures and Rick Simpson Oil for their terminally ill patrons. During that time, Jay was educated on how cannabidiol interacts with the body. Eventually, he opened a delivery service and for three years supplied medicinal cannabis products for folks with cancer and other chronic or debilitating conditions. Jay leveraged this industry experience to help launch LolaHemp for pets and he continues to be a thought leader and expert in the industry.

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  • Dr. Maureen Kanana

    Dr. Maureen Kanana


    Dr. Maureen Kanana D.V.M. is a registered veterinary surgeon and epidemiologist. Dr. Kanana has 4 years of experience in research and an additional 7 years of experience in Veterinary Medicine. She has researched at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), KEMRI- Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP), and The Aga Khan University Hospital on various research projects. Currently she runs a veterinary practice and works as a research consultant.

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  • Crystal Medina

    Crystal Medina

    Veterinary Technician

    Since 2003, Crystal has worked in the veterinary field as a technician helping educate people on how to care for their furry family members. Her experience has grown from nursing and hospital management in general practice to working as a technician in rehabilitation and emergency hospitals throughout New Jersey and New York City. Over the years one of Crystal’s main goals has been to help people care for their pets in the most natural way possible. Helping find people options for more holistic routes to treat their pet’s has always been a major interest for her. Crystal is currently studying to complete her Veterinary Technician Certification with as well as a focus in Veterinary Cannabis Counseling this summer.

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  • Josh Offman

    Josh Offman

    Sales & Business Developent

    Josh Offman is a seasoned sales consultant with over 8 years of experience in the financial services, aviation, and CPG industries. Based out of Los Angeles, Josh leads brick-and-mortar retail sales and new business development. He owns a 4-year-old Pit Bull rescue and has a strong passion for animal rescue and animal rights advocacy.

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  • Andy Ward

    Andy Ward

    Marketing Consultant

    Andy has 20 years commercial experience working in online marketing in the UK and Europe where he has worked on campaigns for the likes of Nokia and the UK government. He also has spent 10 years working in the cannabis sector, with clients including Barney's Farm and Philosopher Seeds. Andy enjoys growing cannabis in Spain, and is always keen to learn more about the capabilities of this remarkable plant.

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