Pullo the brown and white dog sitting with paws crossed

Pullo Gets the Spring in Her Steps Back with Lolahemp

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Pullo the brown and white dog sitting with paws crossed

Our latest Lolahemp Success Story comes from Stoney and Colette Compton, whose dog Pullo experienced increased mobility and zest for life after another brand of CBD oil did not help. 

Our girl Pullo is 12 years and 9 months old. We got her when she was eight weeks old and she was and still is something else. Energetic, smart, manipulative, bossy, you name it.

She was with us all the time. We have only left her in the care of someone else once. She is a world traveler, having taken many trips and made many moves across the country,

Pullo has always been fed a raw diet and has always been a very healthy dog. The only time she was at the vet was when she was younger to be spayed and I wish I had waited a little longer for that.

She has never been sick...except after her first rabies vaccine. Scared us to death. We didn't think she was going to make it through the night. It did change her personality and she became more fearful.

Last November she started having ACL issues. She started having trouble walking and was in a lot of pain. The vet we took her to wanted us to do surgery on both back legs! Besides the exorbitant expense, Pullo was just too old for that surgery which would have required her to be confined to a cage for six weeks. She also gave us meds that made our pup sick and did nothing to help.

white and brown dog and black and brown dog sitting in a car

After a second opinion, we found out she did not need surgery. But I began to look into other options. Pullo had six cold laser treatments to each leg and that did little if anything to help. I started using a lot of different supplements, herbs, chiropractic adjustments, vitamins that did help some. I even tried another brand of CBD, but it did not help.

Our visit to the university physical therapy for pups was cancelled due to COVID so I had to do what I could for her. She was having trouble walking, jumping on the bed and couch, and getting up the steps. We did continue to walk her daily but had to cut back on the distance and she needed quite a few breaks and was so tired.

I could tell she was not herself, not happy, and in pain.

I saw Lola Hemp on Facebook, so I connected to their site. It took no time at all for them to get back to me. Joey, the owner, was SO helpful and patient, guiding me through my questions and helping with suggestions. I'm always grateful when a company takes time with me.

I ordered the hemp oil as advised and it arrived quickly. Within three days, I began to see a difference. It started in her face. She did not look like she was in pain. She was more alert and energetic.

In the morning and when I wake up from my nap, she will run and jump on the bed to let me know she was ready to do her morning play with my husband. Down the steps she goes, full speed and out to the orchard to chase her beloved tennis balls.

It just kept getting better. Jumping on the bed, the couch, up and down the stairs and across the yard. Her walks have improved and she moves SO much better and is not having to stop as often.

We are into our third week of Lolahemp. She gets seven drops on a dog cookie in the morning and evening and she takes it with NO problem.

Just looking at her face, I know the pain is gone. She is a much happier girl and we could not be more grateful!

I have already posted Lola Hemp on Facebook for friends to see and have personally contacted other friends to let them know about this product. I will continue to do so anytime I hear of anyone that needs help for their pups.

I can say, I was skeptical at first, but I know that it has helped over and beyond what we expected. Having our happy girl back is the best thing ever! I can't thank Joey enough for all the help and again, for taking time with me to make sure our pup got everything she needed to feel better.

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Joey founded Lolahemp in 2018 after the success his own dog (Lola) experienced with hemp oil for her debilitating stress and anxiety. He has now made it his mission to educate pet owners everywhere on the benefits of holistic health and the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant. Joey is the visionary behind the brand, managing the director level team members and keeping the company's course. He enjoys long city walks with Lola, traveling with his wife Christa and spending time with family.

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