Archie Barker: A Rescued Dog with a Troubled Past

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small black and white special needs rescue dog

Today we hear from Denise from Philadelphia, a customer who adopted a special needs rescue dog, Archie Barker. Learn how Lolahemp CBD Oil helped Archie overcome fear based aggression from his troubled past.  

Archie was surrendered to the open intake shelter in Philadelphia by an owner claiming they didn't have the money for vet care. A person at the shelter contacted me and asked if I could take him in as we have had experience with dog behavior problems and sick animals.  

Archie Barker is a good dog. He wants to trust but is afraid. He clearly wasn't taken care of before. He was a broken dog when he came to us. When you look into his eyes, he is trying so hard to be a good boy. Archie didn't even know how to play when he came here. 

older man cuddling small black and white special needs rescue dog

He came to us with a host of problems: skin issues, bad eyes, and a bad temper. He was a biter and he wasn't eating. He had terrible heartburn as well.

We didn't want to put him on Prozac or any other synthetic medication because of concerns about side effects. We tried patience and trust techniques, but they only went so far. I did a lot of research into CBD for dogs as I know people who have been successfully helped with cannabis.  

We started seeing improvements within an hour of giving him Lolahemp. Archie issues with aggression have improved. He has stopped having meltdowns now, when before he would growl and snap for a long time. 

And then the biggest improvement happened: One day I was home and he had a seizure. I gave him some more CBD, made an appointment, and took him the neurologist. His blood work came back normal. Without doing an expensive MRI to just look for a tumor or other issue on the brain, we opted to continue the CBD adding 2 more drops per dose and add in phenobarbital. (He is a 10lb dog so we went to 4 drops of Lolahemp 2x per day). We had tried the pheno on it's own and the CBD on it's own and then in combo. While both cut back the number of seizures, the combo is doing the most good for Archie. 

older man head to head embracing with small black and white special needs rescue dog

Before Lolahemp, Archie would have been a dog you feed and let out to potty without any social interaction because he was so full of temper and feral. Thanks to Lolahemp and having a stable loving home, Archie Barker is a new dog now. He plays, he trusts, and he eats. 

Before we tried CBD, I looked at a lot of companies. Lolahemp does their lab testing. It is a solid product and it is consistent. We have been using this product for almost a year. And when I was researching it, I called a friend and said I am thinking of giving CBD to Archie Barker. I am looking at this one company and my friend said, “I was going to tell you about Lola.” I said, “Lolahemp?” and she said, “Yes!” 

I have recommended Lolahemp to my rescue friends and have posted about it on my social media. Archie is a member of the family and I only want to improve his life. That is why we give Lolahemp to him. In the summer, we give it to our other dog, Fiona. She has seasonal skin allergies and benefits from their CBD oil as well.

gray pitbull dog and small black and white special needs rescue dog cuddling on couch

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