CBD Oil as a Training Aid for Dogs

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Here at Lolahemp, we are very excited to offer training tips and tools for dog lovers to help their canine companions thrive. Like the ASPCA, we believe that training methods that focus on reward and fun are the most effective and humane. Stay tuned for specific training related content on our website to learn more about how these training methods are easy to learn and a great way to improve your relationship with your dog - a relationship built on fairness and trust. 

This article will explore a topic that many of our customers have already learned: CBD oil can be a part of a training program to help address behavioral problems in dogs such as separation anxiety, aggression, and phobias

Although we do find that many of our customers have success using Lolahemp to help provide calming relief for their pets, we also believe that proper training methods can make a world of difference, especially for dogs with neglect or abuse in their past. We want to make sure our readers have all of the tools available to help their loving pups live happy, long, and healthy lives. 

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Raise the Reaction Threshold

One of the ways that professional dog trainers tend to use CBD oil as part of their training programs is to help to raise the reaction threshold for dogs with phobias. Let’s take a moment to understand what the reaction threshold is, and how it can help you with desensitization and reconditioning training programs for your canine. 

The reaction threshold is a very helpful concept to understand when working with dogs who have any kind of phobia, including separation anxiety, travel or noise phobias, or hyperactivity/aggression in response to certain triggers. It refers to the moment that your dog becomes reactive when exposed to a specific trigger. 

When reconditioning (the training used for most dog phobias) it is important to keep the dog under the reaction threshold. That is, you are looking for the moment when they are close enough to the stimulus that they are aware of it, but not yet reactive to it. Then, reward calm behaviors with tasty treats and praise, while slowly getting closer to the stimulus. 

For example, consider a dog who is reactive when they see another dog on a leash. They may begin to react by pulling on the leash and lunging towards the other dog when they are even as far away as 50 feet. However, since CBD helps many dogs feel less reactive, they may only begin to react when another pooch is 20 feet away. This is called a “higher” reaction threshold. 

When the reaction threshold is high, that is, your dog is less reactive and can tolerate more of the stimulus before reacting, you have more opportunities to reward calm behavior in the presence of a diminished stimuli, speeding up the desensitization and reconditioning process. 

Although not all dogs experience the same calming benefits of CBD oil, many of our customers that Lolahemp has made a noticeable difference in terms of their dog’s reactivity, hence making behavior modification training more effective. Take Lilly the Border Collie, for example. 

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Helping Your Dog Focus

Some dogs have a lot of problems with focus during training sessions. For example, many food motivated dogs get so excited about earning treats that they can become hyperactive during training, offering random behaviors in hopes for rewards, or becoming “over the top” with excitement to the point that training progress can suffer. 

Others do great with training in familiar environments, then struggle to focus when in public around strange sounds, people, or other animals. While enthusiasm is certainly welcome during training sessions, hyperactivity can become a block to ideal learning conditions. 

Again, the calming effect that many dogs experience with CBD may offer pro trainers and pet owners alike another tool in the tool box for positive reinforcement based training. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate a dog with significant phobias from past trauma, or simply trying to teach a hyperactive Boxer some new tricks, CBD oil may help keep your dog’s mindset in the range where better focus is possible. 

Support for an Active Lifestyle

Many of us train our dogs for athletic sports such as flyball, agility, dock diving, lure coursing and more. One of the best things we can do for our athletic dogs is to help support their overall well being by doing what we can to reduce inflammation, soreness, and stiffness from a long or vigorous workout. 

Unfortunately, according to the FDA, veterinary drugs prescribed for pain and inflammation can have dangerous side effects including gastrointestinal problems and negative impacts on liver and kidney function. This is especially true when used over a long period of time or in immune compromised or senior dogs. Lolahemp, an all natural CBD oil made from organic hemp, is safe and available without a prescription. 

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

As our dogs age, soreness and stiffness can become a barrier to helping them enjoy things they once did, even those fun training sessions. If your dog is getting up in years, then CBD oil may help you keep activity levels as well as interest in training up. 

While many people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it just isn’t true. As long as your older dog isn’t suffering in pain, training can be a fun way to get your dog’s mind and body moving well into their senior years. After all, they have brought their A game, and they deserve to be supported in their golden years to get as much out of life as possible. 

Many of our customers have reported improvements in mobility and interest in games for their older dogs after adding Lolahemp to their daily regimen.

CBD Oil for Dog Trainers: Lolahemp Affiliate Program

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