Lolahemp's Editorial Policy

Our goal is always to inform pet owners with the highest quality of content. To achieve that goal, there are a few things we make sure of:

  1. All claims are accurate and factual
  2. Complex or uncertain ideas are linked to additional resources like peer-reviewed studies
  3. Articles are read and reviewed numerous times to ensure quality
  4. Ideas that prove to be untrue are revised or removed from our site immediately once we become aware

Finally, we make sure to advise readers to speak with their veterinarians before trying new products on their pets. Pets may be on existing medications, have pre-existing issues, or simply be genetically prone to having issues with certain supplements, foods, or treats. For this reason, we always suggest a discussion with a professional before introducing new things.

Editorial Board Requirements

Our editorial board was selected carefully. The key requirement was that the individual selected had expertise and credentials in the area they were asked to advise us.

That’s why our board contains veterinarians and vet techs. Any additional members of our board were selected for their expertise in the areas of pet food, cannabis research, cannabis growth, or pet behavior.

Editorial Process

The ideas for our articles are produced based on evidence of customer needs, trends in search behavior, or emerging ideas in the pet health industry.

Once selected, each article is sent to the veterinarian, vet tech, or writer with the most expertise in that area.

Writers then research, review, and write our articles to the best of their ability. Once submitted, articles are reviewed by two of our editors or advisory board members and sent back if there are any required changes.

Once things are accurate, factual, and useful, the article is published.

Do you have questions about our editorial process? If so, please feel free to contact us at any time, in the way that you feel most comfortable.


Phone: 1-800-827-9881