Two Dock Diving Champs Are More Comfortable in Their Retirement

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yellow lab and brown lab laying down

Ridge and Agusta are two retired dock diving champs who have had very active lives. Hear from their owner Robert Taylor how Lolahemp is allowing them to enjoy their retirement with more mobility:

I rescued Agusta. He was tired to a tree, sleeping in a half barrel. Agusta is a black lab and bullmastiff mix. He’s a beautiful 97 lb dog who is 8 years old now. He had never seen a dock, a pond or a dummy. I picked him up on a Saturday. I walked him up to the dock and he jumped 17 and a half feet. His best jump before he retired was 26 ft and 10 inches. He just got better and better.

brown lab laying down outside chewing a stick

[Pictured above: Agusta]

Ridge was tearing up garbage in the neighborhood I lived in. It was Thanksgiving day and I could see the dog from my neighbor’s yard. I sent my son out there and we brought him in. That was 16 years ago. He’s the one who got me started in dock dogs. He was chasing frisbees and just a natural. Ridge was a cancer survivor. They got enough of it in surgery and it never came back. He’s just a wonderful, majestic animal. 

yellow lab laying down outside chewing a stick

[Pictured above: Ridge]

The doctor diagnosed Agusta with advanced arthritis in his elbows. It was a genetic thing and nothing we could do. My vet said that LSU school of veterinary medicine was doing a study on dogs with arthritis. They took Agusta into the study. I took him back and forth to Baton Rouge for a year off and on. They spent 27K on him and it didn’t cost me a nickel. They put a radioactive implant in his right elbow. It helped his one elbow a lot. A year after the study he tore his ACL in the backyard chasing our other dog, Banjo. They did an ACL repair for him. He’s always favored that leg.

brown and yellow labs laying down in house

[Pictured above: Agusta left and Ridge right]

Ridge had a condition very common in labs. He had a pinched nerve in his vertebrae. He was staggering down the hall, pooping and peeing in the house. It was New Year’s night and I was laying on the floor with him. Then I ordered Lolahemp. I gave him it the first day I got it and I swear the very next day he got up by himself for the first time in two weeks. He’s 16-years-old so he still wobbles a bit here and there. But he’s doing so much better. Ridge also had a paralyzed larynx so he has difficulty breathing.  

spotted brown and white dog with brown lab laying in a bed

[Pictured above: Bango left and Agusta right]

Agusta is less tender after using Lolahemp. He uses both legs now flat on the ground and doesn’t limp in the mornings. He gets up and down off the bed easier. He’s outside playing with my younger one, Banjo, more often. We think Banjo is an australian shepherd and heeler mix. He’s a multi-colored, beautiful dog with one crooked ear and one straight one. I’ve been giving Banjo a few drops of Lolahemp and it seems to make him more relaxed. It’s pretty crazy. My daughter asked why he was so calm. He’s a high energy dog normally but he’s more chill with a few drops each day. 

Ridge staggers less, he hobbles less, he’s more mobile and gets around way better. He looks so much better. He’s not miserable and seems to be happier and more comfortable.

yellow lab laying in bed with paws folded

[Pictured above: Ridge]

They are all wonderful animals and Lolahemp has helped them all out. I can see it in their demeanors. They are happier dogs now and more interested in what's going on. Especially Ridge, he isn’t as lethargic and just way more interested in life. He was in bad shape and I wasn't sure how much longer he had. 

Lolahemp has given me borrowed time with my dogs which is just amazing. I love this product and I will be sharing all about your product at the dock dog meetings. I have friends and family that can surely benefit from this product.

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