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Success Story: Shimmer the Black Lab

Posted by Joey DiFrancesco on

Success Story: Shimmer the Black Lab

Lolahemp is a small family owned company. We like to keep in touch with our customers to know how our product is helping the lives of our furry friends. Today we share a success story from one of our customers, Elaine Block, who lives in Livonia Michigan, right outside Detroit. 

Here is what she told us about how Lolahemp CBD oil has improved her dog Shimmer’s quality of life:

Shimmer is an 11 year old black lab. I got her when she was just 6 weeks old. Our veterinarian told us about a dog that had puppies on this farm. We went to visit the farm and there were all of these puppies running around with chickens and goats. Shimmer came right up to my husband - She was the one! 

One day we noticed that she seemed to be limping all the time. The vet thought she had something wrong with her hip but they didn’t want to operate on her. One day she was playing around in the yard and she fell down and couldn’t get back up. We rushed her to the vet and they kept her for 3 days. They said she had a stroke in her spine and gave her rimadyl and steroids and antibiotics to fight infection.and recommended cage rest. I had to keep her locked up until she was able to stabilize her leg. She was cage ridden for weeks.

I knew those drugs were not good for her liver. They told us she may never walk again. Her hind left foot is facing to the left. The pain is what’s bothering the leg. She would lose her balance and I didn’t want to keep her on a lot of pain pills and 325mg of aspirin twice per day. We also put her on glucosamine, but nothing seemed to work. 

She has a thyroid medication and is on thyroid pills. I heard this is common for older labs so I do not believe there’s an issue. I also researched the rimadyl and read it can damage a dogs liver, so I did not want to continue with it. It wasn’t really helping too much either. 

I’ve loved the brand for a while. I’ve bought many of the novelty gifts on Lolawawa’s to help support rescue dogs, and the founder Joey introduced Lolahemp CBD oil for dogs to me through an email. I called Joey and he walked me through things and gave me some educational resources and made me feel comfortable about trying it. 

Shimmer is 80 pounds. She was 90 pounds prior to the stroke. I give her 16 drops in the morning and 16 drops in the evening. I still give her the phycox (glucosomine) for arthritis. She’s only taking a small dosage of that. So that and Lolahemp is all she’s taking. 

In less than 2 weeks we started to see a big difference. She wasn’t falling, grunting, sighing any longer. She’s doing great. She still limps slightly but she plays outside, rolls around on the grass on her back and plays with the other dogs. She feels better and is no longer sighing and grunting in pain. That’s all stopped. 

She’s not shedding as much. That’s improved, I believe because her quality of life has improved. So that may play a role in her shedding. 

She isn’t in the cage anymore. She’s now sleeping on the floor and I don’t have to lock her up. I can leave the house and she’s just fine. For me it’s peace of mind. I’m not worrying about her anymore. She’s an 80 lb dog so picking her up is a difficult thing. I no longer have to worry about this. 

Shimmer is acting like she feels good. You can tell. She’s more social and happier. 

We asked Elaine if she would recommend Lolahemp to a friend, and here is what she said:

Yes, I have. I’ve told my veterinarian about it. She’s very interested but cannot get involved until the FDA gets more involved and gives them the green-light to talk about it and promote it. 

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