Success Story: Rayna the Rescue Doggo

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Rayna the brown dog hugging her owner

Stephani Weber adopted Rayna 5 years ago from a very troubled situation. WIth a kind and patient heart, Stephani has given Rayna a new lease on life. Lolahemp is proud to have made a difference in Rayna’s quality of life. Here is her story:

Rayna is an 8 year old, 50 pound, rescue doggo who I never expected to wind up falling in love with. I learned that as a young pup her first owner found her tied to a stop sign in a very unsafe part of Kansas City, Missouri. He had her until she was three years old and then he also abandoned her. He moved out and never came back for her. 

We found her in the middle of winter with no electricity, skin and bones, and covered in fleas. Her living situation was never ideal. She lived in an area where all she heard was the constant noise of sirens and gunshots and was always tied to a small tree with no food, water, or shade. Because of that environment and the repeated abandonments, she has always been VERY  sensitive to loud noises as well as having serious abandonment and trust issues. 

Rayna the brown dog sitting outside in the sun

My boyfriend brought her to me and I took her in when she was three years old. That was five years ago. I’ve kept her very active over the years with physical training (running, swimming, wall and stair climbing, playing catch, etc. At some point about two years ago she tore her ACL. I could never get a straight answer from any of the handful of regular vets we saw until I took her to an orthopedic surgeon and a year later found out that because of going so long without treatment or surgery for the ACL, she has developed a significant amount of arthritis from her muscles overcompensating the torn ACL such that surgery is now pretty much pointless. 

I had her on pain pills for two years, twice daily, up until I decided to reach out to Lolahemp and give this CBD thing a shot. I was skeptical, but low and behold I cut her off her pain pills cold turkey and had her on Lolahemp for 10 days when I started to notice a significant difference. Walks and play time with other pups got much longer before she would give up from the pain. Before Lolahemp, any more than 10 minutes of exercise and her legs would start to give out, she didn’t run as fast, and I could see her legs quiver in weakness. We kept playtime at a minimum to prevent pain and were having to lift her up for cuddles on the couch or to help her in the car for rides. 

Rayna the brown dog laying down in the car

Now we run and jump on things that were too high for her to jump in the recent past, and she keeps up with her puppy playmate. She doesn’t walk with a limp all the time either.  

I was doing some research and Lolahemp was one of the first reviews I came across. The man I talked to on the phone was very nice and informational and helped me understand why CBD would be so good for my baby. I appreciate Lolahemp greatly because of the difference it has made for Rayna’s quality of life. 

Lolahemp has given me and Rayna so much relief. I’ve already recommended cbd oil to several other people that have fur babies with pain problems. Rayna also suffers from anxiety and separation issues but I haven’t noticed much of a difference for those issues. She’s still scared of storms and any beeping noises. However, Lolahemp does seem to help her with her overall pain level and mobility.

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Joey founded Lolahemp in 2018 after the success his own dog (Lola) experienced with hemp oil for her debilitating stress and anxiety. He has now made it his mission to educate pet owners everywhere on the benefits of holistic health and the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant. Joey is the visionary behind the brand, managing the director level team members and keeping the company's course. He enjoys long city walks with Lola, traveling with his wife Christa and spending time with family.