brown and white basenji dog Bailey sitting with head tilted to the left

How Bailey the Beautiful Basenji is Benefiting from CBD

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brown and white basenji dog Bailey sitting with head tilted to the left

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Today we hear directly from Emily Culbert of Yonkers, New York. Her Basenji named Bailey suffered from debilitating seizures pretty often. This is her story.

Can you tell us a little bit about Bailey... when and how did you get her, describe her personality and provide back story?

Bailey came into our lives ten years ago this April! My mom is extremely allergic, so we looked up hypoallergenic dogs and came across the Basenji breed. They are very unusual dogs and we do not see too many others around. My family looked up breeders for Basenjis, since they are so rare. We came across one in Texas and went through the litter until we saw Bailey and fell in love. Basenjis are known to be very stubborn and independent, traits we saw right away in Bailey - everything is on her terms from pets to playing and it would take her a while to warm up to new people. Her plane ride here also made her an extremely nervous dog.  

Tell us more about Bailey's condition?

Bailey began suffering seizures out of nowhere a year ago this February. The first one was extremely frightening for us and we felt helpless. She was convulsing, foaming at the mouth, screeching, and defecating. It lasted about two minutes. We took her to the emergency vet right away and her bloodwork came back normal. There were really no explanations for the episode and it was suggested we get an MRI, especially if she experienced more episodes. With her first three seizures she had hit her head, coincidentally, right before them, so we tried lending it to that, but as they became more frequent, about once every 3 or 4 weeks, it appeared she had been suffering from epilepsy.  

brown and white basenji dog Bailey sitting in the grass looking straight

Did you try any traditional treatments at first?

We did not try any traditional treatments at first. Years prior, we had tried Prozac because of how nervous she was around people and loud noises and we were not happy with the results. She became very lethargic and not nearly as playful as she was prior to being on it. Just this past November, we gave a vet the list of dates of her episodes. The vet felt they were happening too frequently and strongly recommended a human medication used to treat epilepsy. After looking up the medication and reading more about it, we felt very uncomfortable putting Bailey on it. Much of the research suggested it would alter her personality and if we ever missed a pill, her next episode could be worse than what she, and we, were already experiencing. At this point, we had experienced many of these episodes and felt like she was coming out of the seizures quicker than she had been and they were not nearly as frightening or awful as the first one, so we ultimately decided against the medication.

What are some of the specific improvements you noticed after using Lolahemp?

We first started using Lolahemp a few months after her first seizure. Within the first month of using it, we noticed it had helped stretch the time span in between the seizures. Instead of occurring once every 3 weeks, they started happening once every 4-5 weeks. We thought this difference was a step in the right direction, so we decided it was absolutely worth it to keep her on it. A few weeks after the vet's recommendation, I received an email from Lolahemp about the new extra strength oil, so I figured we might as well try it and see if it made any more of difference. We started her on it the second week of December and she suffered a seizure on December 10th. A month late, in January, we knew that time was coming, and were beyond excited when we passed the month mark. It is now March and we are beyond thrilled that Bailey is three months seizure free!!

How long did it take to see improvement after starting Lolahemp?

With Lolahemp and the extra strength Lolahemp we noticed the time span between the seizures increase.  

brown and white basenji dog Bailey sitting in car smiling with tongue out

How much Lolahemp do you give her?

Bailey gets 2-3 drops per meal and 4-6 drops per day.

Have there been any unexpected benefits since Bailey has been taking Lolahemp?

We were very worried about Bailey's quality of life with the seizures and what she was going through with them. Vets assured us that she was okay but probably just a little confused after the fact - which we could see in her eyes when she came out of them and also her crying for the rest of the day. These days, Bailey seems even more playful and affectionate, which says a lot for a dog of her breed! She loves to ask for pets and her newest thing is picking up sticks on her walks and taking off with them. She's so playful and upbeat, that at 10 years old, she's often mistaken for a puppy! She also seems to be less nervous and apprehensive around new people, which is a big difference compared to when she first became a part of our family. 

Is there anything you are able to enjoy with Bailey now that you couldn’t before Lolahemp?

Everything! Knowing Bailey is three months seizure free is a huge relief! We used to worry about her constantly when the month mark was approaching. With each passing month without a seizure we are so grateful for Lolahemp. 

brown and white basenji dog Bailey sitting with head tilted left

What made you choose Lolahemp?

I had been talking about how much I love my dogs in front of a coworker, who informed me that another one of our coworkers, Joe, had a son who founded a family business for jewelry, clothing, etc. for dogs and their humans. One day I mentioned to Joe that my dogs were out of control and he told me about Lolahemp. We began using it for behavior purposes, but once our dogs calmed down a bit, we no longer needed it. Once Bailey's seizures began happening consistently I recommended to my family that we try a more natural approach, like the hemp oil again. I did a little research myself about whether or not it would be effective, and realized that hemp oil could help with seizures. Joe's son Joey gave me great advice for using the hemp oil to help with Bailey's epilepsy, and since then we have not looked back! 

Would you recommend Lolahemp to a friend?

I would absolutely recommend Lolahemp to a friend. It has drastically improved not only Bailey's life, but all of our lives. Knowing that she hasn't suffered from those terrible episodes and seems happier than ever is such a huge relief! We are so satisfied with how radical of change we have seen in her episodes going from every three weeks, to now being three months seizure free! 

Anything else you think our audience would benefit from knowing?

Not only is the hemp oil beyond beneficial for our Bailey, but Joey is so helpful and responsive. Every experience with Lolahemp has been a great one! 

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Joey founded Lolahemp in 2018 after the success his own dog (Lola) experienced with hemp oil for her debilitating stress and anxiety. He has now made it his mission to educate pet owners everywhere on the benefits of holistic health and the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant. Joey is the visionary behind the brand, managing the director level team members and keeping the company's course. He enjoys long city walks with Lola, traveling with his wife Christa and spending time with family.

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