yellow lab outside smiling

Nacho is Back to Enjoying Life

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yellow lab outside smiling

Today we hear from Crystal of Vancouver WA, whose dog Nacho has benefited from Lolahemp. In addition, she now has more peace of mind thanks to fewer seizures and a pup who is back to enjoying his favorite things. 

In 2009, I decided to get a puppy. I searched for months for just the right puppy and found a litter of field labradors. In June that year, I visited the farm where Nacho was born and played with each little puppy. I saw him with a leaf in his mouth running the perimeter of the yard. 

Nacho was different from his brothers and sisters because all of the other puppies were looking for attention from me, but not Nacho. He was definitely an independent little puppy. Plus, he was the runt. I love runts. I had to have this adorable, tiny, sunshine yellow baby. I'm so glad I picked him.

yellow lab wearing harness standing in a car smiling

He is very different from other dogs because he doesn't play with toys, balls, or sticks. Nacho loves tools, flashlights, gardening and using his keen nose. His favorite thing to do is play a game we call "find its" where we hide food and he finds it with his nose.

He loves to pick his own fruits and vegetables from our garden, which he does on a daily basis. 

His favorite holiday is Easter because he gets to find his gifts with his nose.

He's a field lab and lives to smell and work an area to flush out critters. (We don't hunt, we just go to the park and "hunt" bunnies and birds.)

He's also an incredible helper. He loves yard work! Especially digging. He's helped us to dig up many bushes and trees in our yard.

Nacho the lab sitting outside on the grass

He loves firewood and to lay in front of our fire place in the chilly months while snuggling our cat.

Nacho would have a four minute seizure about once a month, every month from the time he was two and a half. After his 11th birthday this year, he started having 5 severe seizures in a month.

He started having trouble getting up from lying down and couldn't climb up on his window bench or our bed. His joints obviously were aching and strained. He was very depressed, anxious and in pain. 

We wanted to do all we could for Nacho. We tried changing his diet, tried keeping him calm, keeping his environment clean. None of this helped at all. 

We researched medication treatments, we didn't like the idea of the side effects medications could cause. We never tried medications for that reason. 

Then we found out about Lolahemp and decided to give it a try. Nacho has not had any seizures since the day we gave him the first dose of Lolahemp. He can easily climb up onto his window bench and our bed now. He even climbs our firewood pile. 

Nacho the lab standing outside by stacked wood

About 2 hours after the very first dose, his joints loosened up and popped. And certainly after 4 days. He seemed happier and more energetic. We give him  .75 ml at breakfast and .75 ml at dinner. We give him one Lolahemp chew if he's a bit sore after a day of working in the yard. 

Nacho's coat is softer and shinier since taking Lolahemp too. His eyes are brighter. He's more affectionate and relaxed. It seems like it made him younger for sure. He acts like he's 5 years old again. We feel that Lolahemp has given us more time with our sweet special boy. 

We can enjoy everything in everyday life again with Nacho now, without the fear or worry that he'll have a seizure. We were always on high alert, anxious, thinking the next seizure was just about to happen. Lolahemp has given us peace of mind that he's not going to have any more seizures, it's made us relax and able to enjoy life with our Nacho again, instead of the constant fear and worry. 

We couldn't watch him suffer seizures and pain anymore. Nacho's had kinda a rough life with the seizures, we wanted to restore his joy in life and alleviate his ailments. All dogs deserve joy and to be pain free. 

Nacho the yellow lab standing outside smiling with his tongue out

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Joey founded Lolahemp in 2018 after the success his own dog (Lola) experienced with hemp oil for her debilitating stress and anxiety. He has now made it his mission to educate pet owners everywhere on the benefits of holistic health and the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant. Joey is the visionary behind the brand, managing the director level team members and keeping the company's course. He enjoys long city walks with Lola, traveling with his wife Christa and spending time with family.

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