small black and white dog

Mr. Rogers: A Special Needs Dog Gets the Lolahemp Boost!

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small black and white dog

Here at Lolahemp, we are proud to be a Pets Before Profits company. For us that means not only making safe and high quality full spectrum hemp oil for pets, but also supporting organizations who are dedicated to helping pets. 

From the beginning, the founders of Lolahemp have partnered with rescue organizations, including:

Lolahemp supports these organizations through fundraisers, the donation of tinctures to rescue animals in need, and giving a portion of our proceeds to help fund these critical efforts. These dedicated volunteers and rescue organizations have helped thousands of special needs dogs find loving and permanent homes. 

Hard to adopt dogs may struggle with:

  • * Pain and lack of mobility from old age or confinement

  • * Anxiety from unstable living environments

  • * Aggression from past abuse

  • * Lack of trust from neglect and abandonment

  • * Medical conditions especially among senior dogs

And, the wellness benefits of Lolahemp Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has helped many special needs dogs in the rescue system get on the road to full recovery!

Today we are sharing the story of Mr. Rogers, a very special doggo who is recovering from neglect thanks to a very special volunteer and a little help from Lolahemp CBD oil. Here is what his owner Natalie Snyder had to say:

small black and white dog sitting on a blue and white blanket

Mr. Rogers was a recent transfer from a kill shelter. When I got him, he was extremely depressed, anxious and very shut down. He was very nervous and unable to eat without vomiting for days on end. He was on antidepressants and pain medication for his joints which were causing him to have horrible seizures. He was very anxious for days on end unable to eat without vomiting.

I looked up CBD and Lolahemp was the one that I discovered that had the most incredible reviews, success stories, and results. I immediately ordered it and within days of being home, Mr. Rogers' first bottle arrived.  

Within the first 24 hours of being on Lolahemp, he went from being stiff and anxious to relaxed and seemingly eager to see how easily his little legs could keep up with his personality. 

It took less than two weeks for Mr. Rogers to go from a shut down, depressed, anxious, and stiff little dog in pain to an alert and joyous dog who had his appetite back. The 4 drops a day of Lolahemp in the morning and at night have drastically changed his life and because I openly rescue on social media, I’ve had numerous messages from friends asking where I got his cbd because of his incredible results that I post daily.

It has truly helped bring Mr. Rogers back to life and I would recommend it to anyone with a pet who isn’t living up to their full potential! 

--Natalie Snyder

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Joey founded Lolahemp in 2018 after the success his own dog (Lola) experienced with hemp oil for her debilitating stress and anxiety. He has now made it his mission to educate pet owners everywhere on the benefits of holistic health and the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant. Joey is the visionary behind the brand, managing the director level team members and keeping the company's course. He enjoys long city walks with Lola, traveling with his wife Christa and spending time with family.

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