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  • Anthony & Picco

    "Picco had a terrible fear of traveling that created anxiety for both of us. LolaHemp has worked wonders calming Picco during trips in the car and has saved me a lot of money on dog sitters."

    Anthony & Picco
  • Dan, Andi, Finn and Jase

    "Within 48 hours (4 doses) of Lolahemp our 11-year-old dog Finn showed significant improvement from pain caused by arthritis in her back and legs. Finn is more active and able to come with us on hikes again. Thank you Lolahemp! We are so grateful!"

    Dan, Andi, Finn and Jase
  • Eric & Sophie

    "Sophie was a rescue with a difficult past so she can be very aggressive with other dogs. Since taking Lolahemp Sophie has not had a single incident of aggressive behavior. She now seems to walk right on by other dogs."

    Eric & Sophie
  • Evan & Roxy

    "Roxy is an 11-year-old Bulldog with severe arthritis and joint pain. We started adding LolaHemp to her meals twice per day and she’s been showing increased energy and mobility. She’s able to get up and down the stairs again!"

    Evan & Roxy
  • Nicole & Nola

    "Nola hated traveling in the car before we started giving her Lolahemp. It works great and now she loves traveling!"

    Nicole & Nola
  • Janet & Tucker

    "Tucker has epilepsy and would have seizures multiple times per week. Since giving her Lolahemp she hasn't had a single seizure. It's been a miracle! We are so thankful to have found Lolahemp!"

    Janet & Tucker
  • The Chitastic Four

    "Rosie June (10-years-old) has severe anxiety and PTSD from her former abused life, as well as joint pain. With 2 drops twice a day of Lolahemp she is so improved. She is more calm with a better appetite. Penny Sue (8-years-old) had a lot of anxiety but with 2-3 drops of Lolahemp twice a day her anxiety is gone! Gigi (10-years-old) has severe anxiety but with 2 drops a day it's been minimal. Joey (5-years-old) has extreme anxiety and PTSD but with Lolahemp it's been a miracle how much his anxiety is down! Thank you so much we love this product!!"

    The Chitastic Four



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