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October 27, 2019

CBD Topicals for Dogs: Is a CBD Cream, Balm, or Salve Right for Your Pooch?

In the last few years, CBD infused topicals have hit the mainstream. But is a CBD cream infused with full spectrum hemp oil right for your dog? If ...


October 13, 2019

CBD Oil and Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

This blog post will explore CBD oil and hip dysplasia in dogs. Before we dive in, let’s get a better understanding of what causes this disease, how...


September 26, 2019

Dog Elimination Diets: Why, What, and How?

Why Try an Elimination Diet for Dogs? The main reason: Food allergies and food sensitivities. When a dog eats an ingredient that provokes an allerg...


August 19, 2019

Is Your Dog Afraid of Loud Noises? 5 Ways to Help Them Cope

Noise phobia in dogs is a common problem that many dog owners are concerned about. Dogs who are afraid of loud noise may show signs of distress tha...


July 25, 2019

How to Find a Good Dog Trainer for Your Aggressive Dog

Are you considering hiring an aggressive dog trainer to help your canine with aggression issues? Here is a guide for what to look for in a professional trainer.


June 25, 2019

Research on CBD Oil and Seizures in Dogs

This article will explore the topic of seizures and epilepsy in dogs. In particular, we will explore some of the research on the natural compound c...




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