Going Green: Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Dog or Cat this Holiday Season

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Golden Retriever playing with red ball they just opened with Christmas tree in the back

This holiday season there are more choices than ever to make sure your cat or dog gets something special while also supporting the environment. Whether you have a feisty feline or a cute canine, check out this short list of some of the best eco-friendly pet presents trending this year: 

West Paw

west paw toys

If you are interested in supporting businesses that make the environment a real priority in their materials, processes, and metrics of success, then you really need to learn more about West Paw. They are based in Bozeman, MT where they manufacture all of their products while maintaining a commitment to being a force for good

Their proprietary material, Zogoflex™ is designed to be infinitely recyclable and infinitely malleable into a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes. They also use a recycled fill for all of their dog beds, making use of materials that are otherwise destined for the landfill. 

West Paw is fairly dog focused. However, they do have a few cat toys to choose from so the kitty in your life won’t be green with envy this holiday season. 

From the Field


From the Field logo


With a great selection of over 55 dog and cat toys made from natural fibers with an emphasis on hemp rope and fabrics, From the Field is a great place to look for the purr-fect stocking stuffer for your furry friend this year. 

If your cat is a catnip fan, wait until they get ahold of catnip buds, the dried flowers from their 2020 harvest of organic catnip which pack an extra potent punch. 

And, in case you haven’t heard, catnip isn't the only cat attractant out there. From the Field offers 6 unique spice blends which include valerian root and silver vine to give your kitty an experience fit for her refined pallet. 

Planet Dog


two dogs playing with their toys


Pet parents have become increasingly aware that many of the toys made for pets are made with questionable materials that may not be safe for our pets. Enter Planet Dog, who makes a wide range of thoughtfully designed dog toys made from materials that are BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalate-free.

Their most popular toy is the SNOOP, a surprisingly simple yet challenging treat hiding toy that will keep your pup busy for hours. For even the strongest chewers, check out their Orbee-Tuff line of balls and interactive toys.

Distinctly Himalayan


Cat sitting in their pet cave


If your cat or dog is ready for a new bed, then look no further than Distinctly Himalayan. Their pet caves are made from merino wool which is a renewable resource and naturally warm and cozy natural fiber. They offer a wide range of styles and shapes with a modern design aesthetic, all of which will become conversation pieces in your home. 

Made using traditional methods while creating sustainable income for women’s collectives, Distinctly Himalayan beds and toys are both beautiful and something you can feel good about investing in. 

Their online shop is designed for wholesalers. Luckily, however, you can find a nearby retailer using their online store finder. 

Jax & Bones


pink pig dog toy


There is a great deal to love about Jax & Bones when it comes to giving people interested in sustainable living plenty of options for dog and cat toys and bedding. 

Their 100% cotton rope toys come in a huge selection of shapes, colors, and sizes - all made with AZO free natural dyes, and all are completely biodegradable. Scraps from manufacturing their bedding are repurposed to create toys. And filing for their bedding is made from recycled plastic bottles. 


Clay Clumping kitty litter

Litterbox is actually most known for their all natural clumping clay cat litter made with no perfumes, dyes, or other chemicals. It is sourced from a family owned ranch in Wyoming where it is sun dried for a low carbon footprint manufacturing process. They offer monthly delivery options to make sure that you always have enough of this premium litter. 

However, more relevant to the holidays is their list of cat toys made from natural fibers including hemp, sisal, cotton, canvas, and wool. For example, check out this hemp rope steeped in organic catnip for a fun, all-natural toy that your cat will go crazy for. When it is all worn out, just toss it on the compost pile because it is fully biodegradable. 


Lolahemp Plant-Powered Health logo

Finally, your pet deserves a holiday treat that can help them year round. Cats and dogs alike can benefit from all natural CBD oil by Lolahemp. Use it to help calm anxious pets, relief from sore and achy muscles and joints, digestive health, as well as skin health and overall wellness. 

Be sure to check out Lolahemp chews - made with the same organic, full spectrum hemp oil which is organically raised and hand harvested on a family farm in Colorado.

For the truly pampered pet, go for the full spectrum hemp balm. Perfect for rubbing into sore paws or dry and itchy skin, it is packed with 200mg of cannabidiol plus a host of other all natural soothing ingredients including Shea Butter and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. Made specifically with pets in mind, this topical doesn’t contain any dies, paraben, or any artificial additives.  




















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